Our patients deserve the best!

It’s not just a statement, it reflects our intention for the highest standard of care in a compassionate and caring environment.

About Us

Barnaa Dental which is located in the Green Zone area of Wazir Akbar Khan in Kabul. “Our Patients Deserve the Best.” is not just a slogan at Barnaa Dental, but a real statement attested by the experience of well-satisfied patients. The standard protocols for various treatments are delivered to the patients in a caring atmosphere in the following areas of dentistry: General and Restorative dentistry (fillings, reparative), Endodontics (root canal therapy), Periodontics (gum disease and root-supporting tissues), Orthodontics (braces), Prosthodontics (crown, bridge, dentures), Cosmetic and Aesthetic (whitening, Snap-On smile and veneers), Pedodontics( children dentistry) and soon there will be new services added for more treatments

A Team of Dedicated Dentist


Dr.Ahmad Dawar Nadi

Dr. Nadi was born in Kabul. He finished his primary school at Omara Khan and after graduation from Habiba High School, he attended Nangarhar Medical Faculty in Jalalabad. In third year of his medical school he was injured. Not being able to continue his studies, he joined his family in the USA. While residing in the USA, he attended Queen College and earned this BA in Biology and was a member of Biology Honor Society. In 1989 was entered New York University College of Dentistry and earned his Doctoral in Dental Surgery graduating 1993. He worked as general practitioner in his dental office as well as other private and group practices for twenty years gaining extensive experience in patient treatment and management of various communities. Dr. Nadi successfully finished the year-long Dr. Cronin’s 7th period Implant ology course and also studied Orthodontics at US Dental Institute for another year. He also volunteered as a clinical instructor helping residents for a year at Flushing Hospital in Queens. In 2010 he received the title of America’s Top Dentist from Consumers’ Research Council of America, Dr. Nadi to Afghanistan in 2012. He founded the first Dental Simulation laboratory at Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education where he also taught didactic and practical dentistry to new graduates as well as dental students. In 2018, he established Barnaa Dental in the Green Zone of Wazir Akbar Khan in Kabul where he works with four of his associates.


Mr.Zabi Anwari

Mr. Zabi Anwari, is the CEO at Barnaa Dental Clinic from 2019 to current, He is responsible for management the dental business, and work hard to provide the best dental service in Afghanistan.


Dr. Basir Ahmad Taraki

Dr. Basir Ahmad Taraki was born in Kabul ,Afghanistan . He finished his school from Abdul Qader high school in 2011 and after that he attended in one of the private Medical University in kabul and completed his MD Degree in 2017 with 3.54 (A+) GPA. During this period he work in Nasseh Dental Clinic as a dental consultant and examined around 3000 patients. He attended numerous conference and workshops on Endodentics ,Basic Surgical skills , preventive Dentistry, Implants and Cosmetic dentistry. From 2018 to 2021 he worked at Barnaa Dental Complex as a Head of Doctors and currently he is acting as CEO of Barnaa Dental Complex.


Dr. Younus Afghan

Dr. Younus Afghan graduated from Abdul Qadeer High School in 2011. He completed his bachelor degree from Ghalib Medical University in 2017. While still a dental student, he worked as an assistant in the main branch of Sadaat Dental Clinic. Later he worked as a consultant and manager and also as a doctor in the same clinic. He started his career while he was a student and treating patients in his studies period and also followed many dental workshops. When he finished his studies he start work at Barnaa Dental Clinic in 2018 as deputy of doctors and currently he is working as head of doctors.


Dr. Orbal Saboor

Dr. Orbal was born in Pakistan. She did her O & A levels (University of Cambridge International Examinations) from Beaconhouse School System in 2011. She started Economics and Management at the University of London but later on left it to pursue her dreams of becoming a dentist. She enrolled in Islamabad Medical & Dental College in Islamabad, affiliated with SZAMU (Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University) Pakistan and completed her BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) in 2016. She was one of the best students and a position holder in her college. She later on did her residency from Islamabad Dental Hospital, Islamabad. She also worked in Dr. Abrar & Associates, one of the finest and oldest dental clinics of Islamabad. She did her certification in Endodontics, Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry from ACHER (Academy of Continuing Health Education & Research) in Islamabad. Furthermore she has participated in numerous workshops, conferences and volunteer work. she was employed at Barnaa Dental Clinic from September 2018 to January 2021


Dr.Soma Hazrati

Dr.Soma Hazrati born in Pakistan completed her schooling and pre medical in Peshawar, Pakistan ……. After completion of the school she returned back to her homeland, and settled in the capital, Kabul City. Dr.Hazrati successfully entered to Afghan-Swiss Medical University in order to get her bachelor degree, which was done in 2012 in the field of general dentistry. In the meantime, Dr.Hazrati worked as assistant with Tajik doctors in the Tajik- sina dental clinic from 2012 To 2016 under direct supervision of Tajik specialists and from 2016 to 2018 at Afghan Swiss dental branch . Finally Dr.Hazrati got her bachelor degree from Afgha-Swiss medical University on 2018 as MD. Meanwhile due to her interest she took different online and practical dental course from India pakistan iran and dubai in different interval. Dr.Hazrati started her independent practical work on mid 2018 with Baarna Dental Complex as a general dentist .


Dr. Mariam Athai

Dr. Mariam Athai graduated from wahdat high School in 2012. She got her bachelor degree from khatam al nabeen in 2018. She worked as assistant at watan hospital from 2016 up to 2017 while she was a student. She did her house job in 2018 at stomatology hospital. She started work at Barnaa Dental Clinic from 2019 since now.


Dr. Frishta Qaderi

Dr. Freshta Qaderi graduated from Malalai Hight School in 1993. She entered Maihan Institute of Higher Education and completed a six year program in general dentistry earning her DMD in 1996. She did work as a resident associate in the Atta Turk hospital for two and half years gaining practical experience in her career. Later on after graduation she joined Tabib-e-Shahr Hospital as an associate and also worked in a private clinic for a year and then joined Stomotology Hospital in Kabul. She did also worked as Dental assistant with Dr. Nadi at Nasseh Dental learning new methods, procedures and standard treatment protocols she was employed at Barnaa from July 2018 july 2020.

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